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The Other Businesses section of Vetted Biz is categorized within the industry section, but is not an industry in itself. The data that we have collected would not be as reliable because the businesses and franchises within Other Businesses do not have much in common, at least within subcategories. 

The businesses listed in other businesses do not fit the following 13 industries created by Vetted Biz and were therefore placed in this section. Please note that we also try to have our Other Businesses section as small as possible because the data will not be usable. However, we keep this section for potential business owners looking to run something out of the traditional business landscape.

    1. Automotive
    2. Business Services
    3. Cleaning and Maintenance
    4. Children’s Programs
    5. Education Programs
    6. Fitness
    7. Food and Beverage
    8. Health and Beauty
    9. Healthcare
    10. Home Services
    11. Real Estate
    12. Retail
    13. Travel

These businesses are very unique and therefore less likely to have much competition. However, people who own businesses in unfamiliar industries must be able to educate their customers on what their business is and how it will provide value to the customer.

For example, one of the larger subcategories in Other Businesses is paint and wine experiences. While they are a leisure activity that is growing with competitors, they are not a large enough market to be a separate industry and is also something relatively new to adapt to the “experience” economy.

It is best to learn more about each business separately rather than collectively observing such a wide variety of businesses.


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