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Education is one of the most valuable assets in society, as it can open doors to new opportunities for people in all walks of life. As the saying goes, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Do you enjoy making a difference? Do you enjoy working with children? Are you passionate about helping individuals to excel? If your answer is “Yes,” then operating an education franchise can help you realize your dream of becoming your own boss while having a positive impact on society!

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Educational franchises include a variety of sub-industries including tutoring, STEM enrichment, daycare, sports, art, and music programs that combine entertainment and learning for children. Other education-based opportunities include college preparation, career training, business training, and assisting those with special learning needs.

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One of the Top Franchise Industries 

Education is one of the fastest growing sectors of the franchise industry. With the huge success of franchises like Kumon, which currently has more than 25,000 franchise units, the industry has seen a burst of new business opportunities in recent years. Tutoring in the U.S. is a $7 billion industry and education as a whole is over 7.3% of the U.S. GDP. Education is the premise of progress in every society, every family.

Parents are paying more attention to their children’s education. Often times, they are willing to make significant investments on their children’s behalf even at the pre-school level. New studies published on Child Development found that high-quality early education(longer than one year) would significantly improve infants’ English speaking skills, decrease parent-reported behavioral issues, and has more positive child-parent interactions.

Later on in a child’s education, there is a need for college preparation programs to identify their interest and secure a coveted spot into the best universities possible. Parents who hope to help their children succeed in school and college seek outside services to fill the educational gaps in response to a more competitive college admissions environment. College planning franchises help high school students get into better colleges and might qualify them for larger scholarships and financial aid packages.

Parents know that their children’s acceptance into a recognized university enables them to have a wide range of opportunities once they graduate and join the workforce.

Vetted Biz has reviewed over 2,900 businesses and franchises with 1,700 in our portfolio as viable investment opportunities. Of the businesses reviewed in the education industry, we have seen the a wide range of investment amounts, from a small leadership learning concept starting at $20,000 to a full-sized pre-school at over $1 million.

On average, the royalty fee is around 8.7% and the marketing fee is approximately 1.9%. 

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