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General Cleaning Industry

There is a rising demand for cleaning and maintenance services in the U.S. as construction activities, investment in real estate, and the number of working women increased. The Cleaning and Maintenance industry offers commercial and residential services such as window cleaning, floor cleaning and care, carpet and upholstery cleaning, maid services, janitorial services, landscaping, vacuuming, snowplowing and more.

The Cleaning industry supports over 3.3 million jobs, of which 2 million is supported by the Janitorial Services industry alone. The janitorial sector has over 845,000 businesses and a market size of $58 billion.

Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends

Customer services will become more automated. Cleaning and maintenance companies are investing in machine learning and technology to customers pay invoices online, schedule, reschedule, and get notifications of appointments, and provide feedback. Companies are also investing in business software with the goal of being more efficient and competitive. In addition, as people as staying more inside because of Covid-19, the need of having a clean space with everything working has increased. The industry has plenty space to grow in the scenario post Covid-19.

Key Cleaning Industry Numbers

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Paid-in-Full Rate

The Paid-in-Full Rate is when the SBA loan is fully paid off by the small business owner including interest, indicating financial strength.

0 %
Charged Off Rate

The Charged Off Rate is the SBA loan default rate where loans have no confidence in being paid off by the small business owner.

0 :1
SBA Loan Success Ratio

For every 11 SBA loans fully paid including interest, 1 SBA loan was unable to be paid back, or defaulted.

*SBA Loan Data from 2010-2019

*Non-Franchise Businesses taken into account: 20,381

Franchises in the Cleaning Industry

Interested in buying a franchise in the cleaning and maintenance space? There are many types of services within the cleaning franchise industry, including but not limited to home cleaning, home inspection, lawn care, janitorial services, carpet cleaning, dry cleaning, fabric care, maid services, disaster restoration, and junk removal. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary for owners of cleaning businesses to obtain those mechanical skills in order to run a cleaning and maintenance franchise.    Many franchises in cleaning and maintenance industry can be operated at low costs. In fact, some stores can even be operated as a home business so the owner is able to work remotely.

Cleaning Franchising Trends

Rising environmental concerns lead to trends in more sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning products and services. In relation, there are also growing trends for more natural cleaning products regarding health concerns.  Over the past few years, many franchises have implemented green cleaning concepts to support the demand. Furthermore, other more traditional franchise brands have also introduced environmental friendly products and services to not only follow up and coming government regulations but also  accommodating the needs to more environmentally-conscious customers.

North America is the largest cleaning services market, and is anticipated to expand at the same speed. Home cleaning services are becoming more popular because cleaning companies nowadays offer flexible scheduling and pricing plans to all customers: there are daily, weekly, monthly, and even one-time cleaning services that could be offered to the public to accommodate various needs.

Many of the businesses and franchises we show on Vetted Biz focus on the different types of cleaning service concepts available. At Vetted Biz, we have reviewed over 2,900 franchises and businesses. Of the cleaning franchise concepts we have updated on our platform, the total investment amounts can start as low as $3,620 and all the way up to $768,000. This is a much lower investment range relative to other industries like Food and Beverage or Health and Beauty. In our analysis, we saw the average royalty fee takes up 7.9% of gross revenue, and the average marketing fee is 2.8% of gross revenue.

How much can Cleaning franchises make?

Allied Market Research estimates that the cleaning services‘global market is expected to gain $74.299 million annually by 2022. For specialized services like janitorial services, the Statista IBISWorld has claimed that the revenue was $52 billion in 2014. Business in the cleaning industry are also attractive options because they are typically a lower investment amount relative to other industries. As income increases, the expenditure of cleaning and maintaining one’s house or business keeps rising too.

Average Cleaning Franchise Industry Percentage Fees

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Royalty Fee
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Stability Rate
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Marketing Fee
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Growth Rate
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Failure Rate

Standard Cleaning Franchise Industry Investment

$ 0 K

This metric is the standard industry investment amount for a single unit franchise investment in this industry. Our research and analytics team analyzed over 107 franchise concept investment breakdowns in order to calculate this figure.

SBA Franchise Loan Data

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Paid-in-Full Rate

The Paid-in-Full Rate is the SBA loan fully paid off including interest in the franchise industry, indicating financial strength.

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Charged Off Rate

The Charged Off Rate is the SBA loan default rate where loans have no confidence in being paid off.

0 :1
SBA Loan Success Ratio

For every 5 SBA franchise loans fully paid including interest, 1 SBA loan was unable to be paid back, or defaulted.

*SBA Loan Data from 2010-2019

*Franchise Businesses taken into account: 1,840

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