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Support Your Outbound Sales Efforts

Trying to find existing franchisees who would be interested in developing a territory for your brand?

Want to know how much your competitor’s franchisees make on a unit level? How about the annual budget of your competitors and key growth metrics?

We are here to help you identify prospective franchise buyers from EXISTING franchisees. There are over 200,000+ existing franchisees. No education needed on the benefits of franchising!

Vetted Biz has reviewed over 7,000 U.S. businesses and franchises. Currently, there are more than 5,800 U.S. franchises listed on our website. We have contact and key details on 200,000+ franchisees across ALL franchises in operations in the U.S.

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For prospective franchisees looking for total access to the Vetted Biz suite of knowledge including:

Popular Features

Access to all franchise/ business listings-Access to 10,000+ franchises & businesses for sale
Review franchise cost, fee and unit growth
Save your favorite franchises and businesses for sale
Franchise payback period and owner salary/ compensation
Compare franchise success and failure rates across brands

Contact information for franchisors and franchisees (200,000+)

Franchisor Financials (Income Statement, Cash Flow, and more!)

Franchise Unit Level Financials (sales, earnings and more!)

Unlimited Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) downloads (normally $29.99 per document)

Access to full available financial data for every business listing

Access to our support system to assist you with any platform functionality

For data points not current online (e.g. franchise payback for a certain brand), data requests are serviced in 5 business days

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Support Your Franchise Lead Generation

We do NOT provide lead generation services for franchisors. We are not compensated for marketing your franchise brand to our networks. We only accept sponsorships from franchise suppliers (e.g. a software company selling their service to franchises). We produce content on thousands of franchise brands and prefer to remain neutral. We are interested in analyzing franchise brands and interviewing franchise executives on our podcast. There is no charge to be a guest on our podcast and reach out to to apply today.

Sample assignments for franchise brands

 Study What Franchises Present the ITEM 19 In the Best Way

      -Highlighting high average unit volume (AUV)

       -Operating Profit

      -Adjusted Operating Profit

Competitive Intelligence on Fast Casual/ QSR Franchises


      -Owner Comp/ Salary

      -Resale Value

      -Payback Period

      -Growth Rate

Collecting/ Cleaning Franchise Brand Data AND Specific Franchisee Contact Details

        -50 franchises (a, b, c segments)

        -Franchisee contact including: Company Name, Owner Name, Phone, Address, Email and Linkedin

        -explore select franchise brands outside of the restaurant space too

Existing Independent Conversions

weekly list of existing restaurant businesses for sale that could be converted to your franchise brand. Save time to open and money.

Secure Franchise Financing Partners

Securing financing for franchisees can delay the franchise development process. 

Through close relationships with franchise lenders and over 100,000 franchise loans reviewed, we will make the borrowing process faster and easier.

Identify franchise brands or independent chains for acquisition

As we serve private equity funds with deal origination/ sourcing and due diligence, we can support your inorganic growth strategy.

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