ARTeVINO Franchise review (2023)

Written by: Patrick Findaro
Last Updated by María Fernández Amato: January 23, 2023
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ARTeVINO Franchise Background 

ArteVino is a premier art and wine studio for bring-your-own-beverage (“BYOB”) art classes, private parties, corporate events and team-building activities. ArteVino artists guides clients through the creative process and help them complete artwork during the class session.


In addition to their regular everyday individual customers, they offer fun opportunities for team-building, ice breaking with corporate clients, baby shower parties and more

In addition to adult offerings, they have developed summer and after school camps for children ages 7 and up as well as themed birthday parties that are perfect for kids and adults who want to have fun while celebrating their special day

Management Team

Founded by Paolo Canale and Jakop Eskinazi in 2012 in Hoboken, New Jersey, ArteVino is an art studio dedicated to creating the best possible painting experience for its customers

Since 2012, the demand for their studio space kept growing, and they had expanded the brand into 5 more locations in New Jersey

By 2017, when the franchise opportunity was offered for the first time, studios were operating in Hoboken, Cranford, Millburn, Montclair, Freehold, and Metuchen.


Franchise Hospitality and Entertainment Industry Analysis  

Education Programs Franchise Strengths

  • Operationally simple, easy to learn
  • Franchisor provides strong ongoing support and training
  • Low fixed cost structure
  • Relatively low cost investment as an expensive, high-visibility location is not necessary as it is a destination business 

Education Programs Franchise Weaknesses

  • A decent number of competitors in the same industry with relatively low barriers to entry
  • Must be in an area with demographic characteristics that correlate with historical success
  • Studio performance may be hampered by close proximity of competitors 

Education Programs Franchise Opportunities

  • Many areas of the U.S. can be developed out
  • Potential for expansion into additional segments, clubs, corporate businesses, and groups of the population
  • Obtaining permits for alcohol sales substantially increases the amount of potential revenue

Education Programs Franchise Threats

  • Potential for consumers to lose interest in the concept
  • Competitive entertainment industry
  • Competitors with a similar offering can continue to enter the industry as there are low barriers to entry

How much is a ARTeVINO Franchise?

ARTeVINO Franchise cost ranges from $99,800 to $129,850 according to the 2020 FDD.

Cost TypesAmount (in USD)When DueTo Whom Payment is to Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee$25.000$25.000Upon signing franchise agreementFranchisor
Construction, Leasehold Improvements, Furniture and Fixtures25.70037.200Before OpeningContractors; Approved Suppliers
Equipment4.0004.400As arrangedApproved suppliers
Signange2.0004.000Before OpeningSuppliers
Computer; Software and Point of Sales System1.4002.300Before OpeningThird-party providers
Initial Inventory1.2007.500As incurredFranchisor and Approved Suppliers
Rent Deposits5.4006.500As incurredLandlord
Utility Deposits500750As incurredUtility Providers
Insurance Deposits and Premiums500500As incurredInsurance companies
Pre-opening Travel Expenses2.4002.800As incurredAirlines, hotels, restaurants
Grand Opening Advertising5.0005.000Before OpeningSuppliers, Media
Professional Fees2.0004.500As agreedattorneys; accountants
Business Permits and Licenses8001.100Before OpeningLicensing authorities
Printing, Stationery and Office Supplies400800Before OpeningThird-party providers
Additional Funds – 3 month23.50027.500After openingVarious

How Much does a ARTeVINO Franchise make?

Gross Margin of Affiliated StudiosHoboken StudioCanford StudioAverage of Two Studios
Gross Sales$222.883100%$222.047100%$222.965100%
Cost of Goods Sold
      Artist Fees$51.56723,03%$49.13822,13%$50.35322,58%
      Art Supplies$32.43814,49%$32.16814,49%$32.30314,49%
Total Cost of Goods Sold$84.00537,52%$81.30636,62%$82.65637,03%
Franchise Expenses which will be incurred by a franchisee that were not incurred by our Affiliate-Owned Studios
     Brand Fund Contribution$2.2391,00%$2.2201,00%$2.2301,00%
Franhcise Related CostsAJMP Hoboken StudioArteVino Cranford StudioAverage of Two Studios
Brand Fund Contribution$2.360247500,00%$2.418

FDD: “The financial performance representation appearing below is derived from the actual historical performance of two ArteVino Studios currently in operation and owned by our affiliate AJMP Partners, LLC, ArteVino Cranford, LLC (the “Reporting Studios”). As of December 31, 2017, AJMP Partners has owned and operated an ArteVino Studio in Hoboken, New Jersey for sixty- three (63) months; ArteVino Cranford has owned and operated an ArteVino Studio in Cranford, New Jersey for forty (40) months and are representative of the results that a franchisee can expect”.

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