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For prospective franchise buyers considering a franchise but still unsure.

Popular Features

  • Access to 10,000+ franchises & businesses for sale

  • Review franchise cost, fee and unit growth

  • Save your favorite franchises and businesses for sale

  • Can cancel anytime

Vetted Member


For serious franchise buyers, sellers (brokers), lenders and suppliers. Also, those looking to sell goods or services to franchisors and franchisees.

Popular Features

  • Franchise payback period and owner salary/ compensation

  • Compare franchise success and failure rates across brands

  • Contact information for franchisors and franchisees (200,000+)

  • Franchisor Financials (Income Statement, Cash Flow, and more!)

  • Franchise Unit Level Financials (sales, earnings and more!)

  • Can cancel anytime

Enterprise Client


For institutional investors (private equity/ hedge funds) and companies that can benefit from a dedicated client manager and data analyst.

Popular Features

  • Access to data analyst to support with complex data requests in desired format (e.g. CSV)

  • Market mapping to identify opportunity pockets for acquisitions or organic growth

  • Target screening (buying franchisees and franchisors)

  • Conducting interviews with franchisees and franchisors for due dillgence

  • 10 to 100+ Vetted Member users for your team

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Get started with our free tools, or get more with our premium membership

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We can answer that question and more on 7000+ franchises

Arlene McCoyy photo Arlene McCoyy

The brothers do a great job of providing actionable insider knowledge in a concise format without diluting the message, allowing you to quickly gain a solid understanding.

Cameron Williamson photo Cameron Williamson

Their team is very knowledgeable and they assist the client throughout the whole process, even with referrals when necessary. I could not have had a better experience than the actual one.

Hae-Jung Kim photo Hae-Jung Kim

It was a wonderful place to work, very friendly and relaxed atmosphere but at the same time everyone on the team was driven and highly motivated. The company also has a great mission — helping to bring transparency to the business and franchise market for investors.

John LaRosa photo John LaRosa

Vetted Biz is the real deal, providing unbiased information and analyses about franchising. Kudos for your honesty.

Jane Cooper photo Jane Cooper

I worked at vetted Biz as a full time and part time intern. I was extremely happy with the learning I came away with from my time there. The culture was very inclusive and the working was always interesting and engaging. 

Alex Holladay photo Alex Holladay

Vetted Biz is highly competent and provides incredible  content for those interested in franchise opportunities. Their passion for understanding franchise opportunities is clear, and their professional analysis is top notch.

Savannah Nguyen photo Savannah Nguyen

Very high signal information, with useful insights if you’re looking to get involved in the franchise business.

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