Top 5 Franchises for Latino Investors

Written by: Patrick Findaro
Last Updated: April 25, 2024
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Top 5 Franchises for Latino Investors

latino investors


Are you a member of the Latino community looking to invest in a franchise for your E-2 visa?

Worried about the potential obstacles to investing, such as language barrier?

Unsure of where to even start looking?

Vetted Biz is here to help! We take great pride in delivering you accessible data and information to make your entrepreneurial endeavors become a reality.

In effect, we have analyzed thousands of franchises across the country, and we have come up with the best businesses for those in the Latino community to invest in.

These establishments are especially accessible because they offer their services in Spanish and/or primarily serve a Latino clientele. 

Researching potential franchises to invest in can be overwhelming, and the cultural differences can only further complicate matters, but it does not have to be this way.

Keep reading to learn about the Top 5 Franchises for the Latino Community to invest in. 

1.IPG Florida


IPG belongs to the real estate industry and is a property management company based in central Florida.

In this case, Franchisees manage a portfolio of numerous vacation homes, and the nature of their business model means they are able to see a return on their investment almost immediately. 

Headquartered in Miami, a large portion of their clientele are Mexican and they are seeking to further diversify their clientele base.

For Latino franchisors from outside the US, IPG has a 99% E-2 Visa approval rate.

The investment range for an IPG Florida franchise is $191.000-$397.000





ATAX belongs to the business services industry and is a retail income tax company in the United States that offers a variety of services, including tax preparation, bookkeeping, financial reporting, and small business consulting.

Franchisees make their investment return by charging fees on their tax preparation services, and they pay a royalty to the parent company for the services they are provided.

ATAX is unique in that they offer its services in both Spanish and English, making it a perfect investment opportunity for Latino investors who may be unfamiliar with English or prefer to speak in Spanish.

The investment range for an ATAX franchise is $59.000-$74.000.


3. Estrella Insurance

estrella insuranceEstrella Insurance belongs to the business services industry and is an auto insurance company based in Miami, Florida.

They represent a portfolio of different insurance companies to help their clients find the best and most affordable option available.

Franchisees earn commissions on new and repeat business, and a lack of inventory and equipment expenses allows for high potential growth within their business model.

Estrella Insurance was founded by Nicolas Estrella, who was born in Cuba but immigrated to the United States.

The Latin-American roots of this company corresponds to the fact that many of their employees, franchisees, and clientele are of Latino descent, making it a wonderful opportunity for Latino investors interested in starting a business amongst their community.

The investment range for an Estrella Insurance franchise is $50.000-$80.000.


4. ManCave for Men

mancaveManCave for Men belongs to the health and beauty industry and is a luxury barbershop company founded in Boca Raton, Florida.

ManCave for Men distinguishes itself from other barbershops for their experiential oriented business model — in their words, they seek to create an atmosphere where their customers can relax.

Also, they provide a variety of services besides the typical haircut and standard shave, including massage, manicures, and pedicures.

The simple store layout and design makes this franchise easy to duplicate, and they are typically meant for strip center malls.

Many of the current ManCave for Men establishments are located in South Florida, which has a highly concentrated Latino population.

This makes it a perfect investment for Latino entrepreneurs seeking to start a business within their community.

The investment range for a ManCave for Men franchise is $148.000-$180.000.


5. D.O.G Hotels 

D.O.G Hotelsdog belongs to the retail products and services industry and is a pet care company founded in 2014.

Their business model encompasses a variety of services, mainly daycare, grooming, and boarding services for dogs.

D.O.G Hotels distinguishes itself from other pet care businesses with their luxury, high end services and facilities.

In the same way to ManCave for Men, D.O.G Hotels is based in South Florida, which has a highly concentrated Latino market.

Furthermore, potential franchisees do not have to have past experience owning a business — making it perfect for Latinos looking to break into the entrepreneurship world.

The investment range for a D.O.G. Hotels franchise is $429.000-$548.000.


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