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Trying to Determine What Franchise Brands and/or Franchisees are a good fit for your services?

Frustrated with incomplete data on prospective buyers?

Want to know how much franchisees make on a unit level? How about the annual budget of the franchise brand?

We are here to help you find and sell to franchise brands and their franchisees.

Vetted Biz has reviewed over 7,000 U.S. businesses and franchises. Currently, there are more than 5,800 U.S. franchises listed on our website. We have contact and key details on 200,000+ franchisees across ALL franchises in operations in the U.S.

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For prospective franchisees looking for total access to the Vetted Biz suite of knowledge including:

Popular Features

Access to all franchise/ business listings-Access to 10,000+ franchises & businesses for sale
Review franchise cost, fee and unit growth
Save your favorite franchises and businesses for sale
Franchise payback period and owner salary/ compensation
Compare franchise success and failure rates across brands

Contact information for franchisors and franchisees (200,000+)

Franchisor Financials (Income Statement, Cash Flow, and more!)

Franchise Unit Level Financials (sales, earnings and more!)

Unlimited Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) downloads (normally $29.99 per document)

Access to full available financial data for every business listing

Access to our support system to assist you with any platform functionality

For data points not current online (e.g. franchise payback for a certain brand), data requests are serviced in 5 business days

Can cancel anytime

Tailored Solutions for Closing More Deals

As you explore the franchise opportunities available on our website, sometimes you may have more questions or want further guidance.

We can work on an advisory basis to further scope out the best franchise opportunities for you to sell your product and services.

Across our data platform, Vetted Biz, and sister company, Visa Franchise, we have 30+ employees with 110,000+ organic web visits and 30,000+ podcast downloads/ YouTube views a month.

Over a million people have watched our YouTube videos, listened to our podcast episodes, and read our articles.

We have 20,000+ active email subscribers across our two brands and 100,000+ franchisee emails.

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