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Written by: Patrick Findaro
Last Updated by Rocío Torres: August 15, 2022
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We get a lot of questions about businesses for sale in Florida and what you should be looking out for before buying or before starting a business in Florida. Florida is a growing state in terms of both domestic migration, international migration. We have a lot of people moving here from the Northeast, Midwest, as well as from Latin America and Europe. So you are benefiting from demographic growth throughout the state. Especially in the Orlando area and in South Florida, Jacksonville, and a few other cities like Tampa Bay.

Florida often is the top choice when they’re looking at business opportunities coupled with the quality of life being pretty much sunny and good weather throughout the year. There are a lot of opportunities in the travel hospitality service industry, as well as the medical space, depending on the municipality and what city or county you’re looking to open up the business.

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Permits can be complicated

You might find some red tape where it’s a bit difficult to get permits and permits might be slower than other parts of the country, such as Texas, especially here in South Florida, Miami. It can take a little more time to get the proper permits before you open up your business.

Permits, Approvals & Inspections | Development Services | City of San Diego Official Website

Florida Taxes Affecting Your Business

Florida is very beneficial in terms of not having a state income tax. However, we do pay tax when you’re leasing a property. So the government needs to survive somehow but one of the benefits is no state income tax.

Florida Businesses Depend on Many Factors, Including Location

There are growing opportunities throughout the state. Depending on the type of business, whether it’s real estate, property management, commercial cleaning, a small restaurant or cafe. It’s going to really depend on a city or even a zip code by zip code basis. And it’s really important to explore it with an advisor or your business broker, real estate agent, attorney, while you’re investigating the different businesses and franchises available in Florida, whether they might be businesses for sale or start a new franchise

It's really important that you have the right team of advisers before moving forward with that. With establishing or purchasing that business.

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