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Take your first step in starting an Estrella Insurance Franchise by attending our first Facebook and YouTube Live.

Estrella Webinar
Join Estrella Insurance’s Director of Franchise Development, Felipe Martinez, and Vetted Biz’s Co-founder, Patrick Findaro, on Facebook and YouTube Live as they review the insurance industry in light of COVID-19 and how Estrella Insurance is well positioned for the upcoming years.
  • Insurance Industry
  • How the Insurance Industry is affected by COVID-19
  • What is Estrella Insurance
  • Why invest in Estrella Insurance
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Low Cost Investment

Startup costs starts as low as $49,000 with financing available.

Training & Support

Estrella Insurance provides 8-week training and ongoing support.

Proven Business Model

Over 40 years of experience and over 150 locations across the U.S.



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